Write At 50

discover your voice, open doors, create a legacy



Do you want to finally write your book?
Do you love to express yourself?
Do you feel you have something to say?

Are you fifty or over?

Write at 50 is your  incubator/meeting place/coffee shop/library— a place  to explore ideas, gain insight, inspiration, and information—and a launching springboard to propel you into the self-publishing world so you can finally write your book  and see it manifested.

This is a safe haven to inspire you to let go of limiting thoughts, value your own voice, and make a difference in your own life and that of your reader.

Self-publishing my book, Write Your Book at Fifty, and seeing it rise to bestseller in two Amazon categories within weeks,  was the startling and satisfying beginning of the journey for me.final cover WYBF front

You  can purchase the Kindle or paperback version here.

Many readers expressed their  appreciation for the motivation the book gave them to start or keep going and complete their books:

“For all those of us who thought we might have missed the boat, this book itself is concrete proof that as a group of maturing women we just ain’t done yet! The author’s inclusive and encouraging tone assures you that it doesn’t matter whether you’ve had a high-flying career or none, you can write too.”

“The author’s discussion of finding one’s voice particularly resonated with me. I’m only now beginning to realize how much I’ve stifled my wants and needs. Finding my voice in writing is finding my voice in life.”

I invite you to walk the writing path with me. There are challenges, no doubt, along the way. There is much to learn in the world of self-publishing. There are inspired co-travellers to meet on the way.

The path has been well travelled by writers before us but is always new for each budding writer.  Let’s make it a fun, fulfilling, and fruitful trek.